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Schuyler Paxton 

Phone: 515-993-1919

Fax: 515-993-1922

Schuyler Paxton, LMHC

I specialize in helping couples and families create more fulfilling connections.  Often, the people we love the most are also the people we fight with the most.  Couples and families get stuck in repetitive cycles of anger and disappointment, which can leave everyone feeling hopeless and disconnected. I help people end the hopeless cycle by creating environments where they can reconnect with their loved ones and experience more fulfilling togetherness. 


I am a relationally-focused therapist, which means I believe that the quality of our bonds with others is the greatest resource we have. Keeping company with others is essential to living a rich and meaningful life. However,  I understand that these bonds can become strained, abusive, and sources of acute pain, which is why many of the people I work with reach out to me. 

You'll find that I provide a, non-judgmental, laid back, caring environment for all of my clients. You can expect to be treated with respect and dignity when you show up for your appointment and treated to a cup of coffee or tea. 


You deserve the highest quality of care, which is why I invest in high-quality experiential training on a regular basis.  Here is a list of my most recent trainings from this year: 


-Emotionally-Focused Therapy Externship

-Emotionally-Focused Therapy Core Skills

-Attachment and Somatic Group Therapy Institute

-Psychodynamic Professional Reading Group


Also, you don’t have to wait to be in crisis to reach out to me. Counseling is a resource for enhancing joy just as much as it’s a place to recover from wounds. Just like high performing athletes continue to see a physical therapist to make sure their body is in peak condition, people can use counseling to make sure their mind and relationships are well-maintained. 


When I'm not in the office, you can find me reading a good book, woodworking, writing and photography, and spending time with my family at the beach. 


Let's talk. 


Schuyler earned his Master's in Clinical Mental Health counseling from Denver Seminary in 2013. He has a professional license in both Colorado and Iowa. And has worked in mental health and academic settings for the past ten years.


Schuyler has completed specialized training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is an evidenced-based world leading treatment for couples and families in distress. He is also a clinical supervisor for graduate students in training. 

Schuyler is a published author at Pollen Magazine, a professional publication for counselors nationwide. 

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